2 comments on “K.’s Interactions with Women- Completed Term Paper

  1. Tyler’s paper and my paper had one key aspect in common. Franz Kafka’s writings show a profound insight into who Kafka actually was that cannot be seen in a biography or documentary. Tyler’s paper, however, takes a different approach by showing one key aspect of Kafka’s personality in immense detail. This makes for a very effective and extensive review of this aspect of Kafka’s personality. Kafka is notoriously known for his somewhat unconventional (at least) view towards woman and relationships. Tyler is very good at picking out the various relationships K has in The Trial and portraying each one as a sort of stereotype for a theme in Kafka’s actual life. Each woman encountered in the Trial is representative of another aspect of Kafka’s life, and Tyler makes this very clear and proves his points with the perfect examples. I found the part about Fraulein Burstner to be the most intriguing. It is true that she is the only one that ever rejected Kafka, which makes her short lived presence an important one. I also agree with Tyelr on the fact that in Kafka’s writing it is plain to see that his opinion shows through. Although it is supposed to be K’s opinion, this is the type of novel where you can truly feel that this is one hundred percent the opinion of the author.

  2. Tyler’s paper has to do with a subject that is very prevalent in the book. Tyler’s paper is very well detailed and explains the importance of the women in the story. Like everyone else has mentioned, the women of the story were also in Kafka’s real life. It might not have been as drastic as the girls in the book, but Kafka was known for having a lot of affairs and short relationships with various women. It seemed more as if he was using women in the story and in real life, to validate himself.

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