3 comments on “Term Paper: Law and Justice in The Trial

  1. I completely agree with Jeffrey’s view on the corrupted law system in The Trial. As iw as reading the book, it became apparent that Kakka meant to expose his beliefs of the corruption of power through this novel. Kafka indeed had to live through a difficult and unfair time period. He studied law, and therefore knows firsthand the corruption involved with the practice. Moreover, Kafka touches upon the fact that authority often punishes people without reason. As a young boy, Kafka’s father would reprimand him without cause, which is a common theme in the story as Kafka is executed before even becomingn aware of his charge or who ordered his death. Something Jeff failed to comnsider was K.’s role in his execution. Had the character been more cautious in his promiscuity, less impulsive, and less egotistical, it may have been possible for him to avoid being punished, or at least delayed his ultimate end.

  2. Jeffrey’s paper was particularly my favorite to read. Not only is it very cohesive, but it is also extremely detail oriented which helps present his argument in a clear manner. The first part that stuck out to me the most was when Jeffrey discussed how the legal system has complete and undeniable control over Kafka’s fate. During this point Jeffrey also touches upon the manipulation that is regularly used in the legal system. This is seen every single day, from the origins of the legal system, to modern day societies. The legal system is, essentially, all a game played through manipulation and whatever can get one side ahead. Jeffrey took the time to point out many details in Kafka’s actual writing which show how talented of a writer Kafka truly is. For example, when Jeffrey pointed out that anytime K is in the court room, he becomes mentally and physically deteriorated. This is set up just by the atmosphere of the scenes, in the air and in K’s mind. Jeffrey was able to capture the true essence of the entire novel in a concise and understandable paper.

  3. I agree with Gaby as well, Jeff’s paper was my favorite to read for many reasons. It was a pretty difficult paper, but it was easy to read and flowed well. His topic Law and Justice, was a found throughout the whole book. It being found so easy in the book also makes it hard, and Jeff did a very good job being detailed and covering most of the book.

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