2 comments on “Term Paper

  1. Gabe brings up an intriguing theme concerning the “checks and balances” of our lives in his term paper. He remarks on how institutions, such as the Church, State, and Family, “bring the individual back to society.” K., struggles to follow the rules of an ever-demanding society. Moreover, he is forced to choose between the institutions, which only creates more of a rift. For example, K. chooses between the numerous love affairs with women and the repercussions that result from his behavior. He jeopardizes his reputation with authority by choosing the women over courtesy to the court system. This proves costly as he is executed in the end. The Trial is more or less a criticism of authorities persecution of non-conformers.

  2. Gabe makes very good points about all of the different critiques Kafka makes in The Trial. In my opinion, the most interesting aspect of Gabe’s paper is how he points out that many of these criticisms are not direct as one would easily guess. I found it interesting and very true after Gabe pointed out that in criticizing the justice system, there is a great criticism in the society for allowing this to go on. The same sort of indirect criticism is discussed regarding Kafka and the difference of classes. Gabe’s paper portrays the many different layers and levels of analysis Kafka tried to express which are not at first obvious to the reader.

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