2 comments on “Franz Kafka’s Unconscious Biographies

  1. Gaby’s term paper carries several similar themes as “K.’s Interactions with Women.” Each paper touches upon the idea that K. and Kafka are the same person. Granted, they carried different professions, but their promiscuous personalities and non-conformity to institutions seem eerily alike. Moreover, Kafka strays away from norms of society, preferring to live alone. K. and Gregor from The Metamorphasis are similar in this aspect. Each fails to abide by the rules of society and are punished for this rebellious behavior. Furthermore, they live in isolation. K. encounters numerous people, but ultimately dies alone and unloved. Likewise, Gregor transforms into a bug and perishes at the hands of his family. Kafka also dies single. It is obvious that the sentiments of these characters are merely the thoughts of Kafka expressed in the form of a story. He never meant for his works to be published, possibly because he did not want society to judge him through his characters, which is the basis of “Franz Kafka’s Unconscious Biographies” and even “K.’s interactions with Women.”

  2. Like Jeff and Tyler stated Gaby’s term paper, is very good and has a lot similarities with Kafka’s real life. The one point that occurred to me when I was reading this paper, was how it was never meant to be published. It made me wonder if all the coincidences were actually done by Kafka, or if they were just added in when it was being tied together. Also this movie had a lot of similarities with the movie we watched “Kafka”. It could also be very possible that Kafka fully intended to reflect himself in all of his literature.

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